content released semi-regularly, available online and in print



content released semi-regularly, available online and in print

ANY BODY ZINE was originally conceived of as a publication. But since then we have become an organization that does so much more than make books! We still love the medium of the printed word, however, and operate as semi-regular DIY publishing house.

We are also working to be able to facilitate open submissions from the general Southern African public in experimental print media projects. If you are interested in publishing something relating to your embodied arts practice – contact us! Let’s have a conversation.

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Below you will find all of our past publications. If you click on the image you will be able to download a PDF of the publication and if you’re interested in buying a hardcopy, find the list of our stockists below. If you would like to buy your own copy online and get it mailed to you, please contact us!

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any body dance lab publication (2018)

Any Body Dance Lab Publication

Description: Colour, A4 booklet, 36 pages

Printed: 2018, Cape Town

About: The Any Body Dance Lab (ABDL) publication was a very special issued printed in 2018 after a six-week residency programme for independent performing artists based in Cape Town. The project was conceptualized and organized by New Dance Lab (Kristina Johnstone and Thalia Laric) and ANY BODY ZINE (Julia de Rosenwerth, Kopano Maroga and Nicola van Straaten) and included workshops and performances by the organizers, facilitators and participants. The purpose of the residency was to create a space to for performing artists to develop their practices in community as well as provide a platform for embodied research to be discussed and enacted. The project was supported by the Goethe Institut Project Space and the Theatre Arts Admin Collective.

This publication features each artist who participated in the residency, sharing photographs from the performances they made during the residency and other sketches, insights and texts. It also features a longer essay by one of the residency organizers, Kristina Johnstone as she talks about the role of embodied research in South Africa.

Content from participating artists:

Adriana Jamisse, Elijah Ndoumbé, John Cartwright, Leilah Kirsten, Louise Westerhout, The body is more than a canvas for representation – Article by Kristina Johnstone, Luvuyo Nyawose, Matshidiso Skosana, Nico Athene, Qondiswa James, Tiisetso Mashifane, Amy Simons, Tamryn Pelser, Tania Vossgäter, Yonela Makoba.

volume 2 (2017)


ABZ Volume 2, Issue 1

Theme: Marching

Description: Black and white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, grey cover

Printed: 2018, Cape Town

Published online: 2017

Comment: Volume 2 marked the start of a strange season for ABZ. After a successful first year of publishing books, 2017 found us not all living in the same city. Throughout the course of this year we published four zines, releasing the content online only. We then printed these zines at the start of 2018 with funds raised from a successful crowd-funding campaign. Each issue was themed according to a different verb.


Untitled – Photograph by Jerome Stoffels

Untitled – Poem by Lorin Sokool

Untitled – Image & text by Nicola van Straaten

Three Thoughts on Dramaturgy: The City. Walking. Saying No. – Article by Zee Hartman

Untitled – Photograph by Jesse Navarre Vos

falling out – Poem by Kopano Maroga

when you think back on your childhood, what comes to mind? – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth

Marching for Education – Article by Kathryn Muller

To the Question Mark – Poem by Londiwe Gamedze (also available online, read by the author)



ABZ Volume 2, Issue 2

Theme: Falling

Description: Black and white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, grey cover

Printed: 2018, Cape Town

Published online: 2017

Comment: This issue saw contributions coming from only female-presenting persons and that was not intentional, but quite nice! The Falling Issue was also accompanied by a performance organized by Kopano and Julia.


Cover photo – Zee Hartmann

Thoughts About Verbs – Article by Nicola van Straaten

Chin Up Buttercup – Collage by JJ Pelechaty

Floor Exercise – Short text by Mariana Nobre Vieira

Cracks – Poem by Juanita de Villiers

Letting Go, or Falling – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth

white boy love – Poem by Ariana Munsamy

Seascape II, IV and VI – Photographs by Tatjana Baleta

Checkpoints – Short text by Tamryn Pelser

Photo Series: Afro-Cuban Roots – Photographs and article by Danielle Coates

(His) Things, 11:57, Crushed Somewhat – Three poems by Qondiswa James

A Task – Text and photographs by Louise Westerhout

Recollection of a Cadenza – Article by Coila-Leah Endersten

falling – Audio contribution by Mmakgosi Kgabi


ABZ Volume 2, Issue 3

Theme: Jumping

Description: Black and white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, grey cover

Printed: 2018, Cape Town

Published online: 2017

Comment: Jumping Issue was a fun, odd little zine to compile with some really beautiful texts as well as two reviews.


Cover photo – Herman Verwey

Grass and Water / Jumping and Swimming – Photograph and article by Dave Mann

pink desert I and II ­– Collages by Tatjana Baleta

Review: ‘Au-Delà de l’Humain’ by Cie Zora Snake – Article by Nicola van Straaten

Globalization, technology and intimacy – Photo essay by Pieter du Plessis (with photos taken by Pieter du Plessis and Jordi Caljé)

An Extract from A Performance Work Titled: Jump Light – Article by Tania Vossgatter

Review: Kyle Shepherd Trio – Article by Ben Verghese (with photographs by Lerato Maduna)

jump in > dance yourself loose – Conversation between Ya Na and Katara Sedai


Hanging (Live Arkive)

ABZ Volume 2, Issue 4

Theme: Hanging

Description: Black and white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, grey cover

Printed: 2018, Cape Town

Published online: 2017

Comment: This issue was a special one and was specifically documenting and focussing on Live Arkive a travelling and experimental artistic exchange between artists from Windhoek and Cape Town that discussed the archive and live performance. For more information about this project, go here.


Cover photo Lindsey Appolis

Editorial: Julia de Rosenwerth

(All content by Ndinomholo Ndilula, Coila-Leah Enderstein, Lavinia Kapewasha and Nicola van Straaaten and photographs by Lindsey Appolis and Vilho Nuumbala accordingly.) 

volume 1 (2016)


ABZ Volume 1, Issue 1

Theme: Beginnings

Description: Black & white, A5 booklet, 18 pages, white cover

Printed: February 2016, Cape Town

Comment: Our very special, very first issue ever – complete with the first draft of our logo (designed by Julia de Rosenwerth) and with most of the content written by the creators. From humble beginnings this is the zine that started our organisation, one could say. Layout design by Nicola van Straaten.


On Beginnings, Entrances & Contracts – Article by Nicola van Straaten

”elegy for the hands” body party #1 – Poem by Kopano Maroga

violent bodies: the recurrent genesis – Article by Kopano Maroga

a conversation with Alan Parker over Facebook about Beginnings – Screenshot with Alan Parker & Kopano Maroga

How To Make Your Own Dance: a guide to being creative with bodies – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth

body party #2 – Poem by Kopano Maroga

All collages by Nicola van Straaten



ABZ Volume 1, Issue 2

Theme: Space and Place

Description: Black & white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, yellow/brown cover

Printed: February 2016, Cape Town

Comment: Collectively, one of our favourite issues alongside the third issue complete with our new logo designed by Sebastian Borckenhagen! Slowly we began to get more contributions and this zine is jam-packed with various kinds of content, all of which brings a smile to our face. Layout design by Nicola van Straaten


choreographies of the soft palette (part ii) – Poem by Kopano Maroga

“untitled” – Poem by Sibu Masters

Talking About Memories with You – Transcription of recorded conversation between Coila-Leah Enderstein and Nicola van Straaten

Too Much Remembering Leads to Forgetting – Article by Kai Mira

land for people! not for profit! – Article by Kopano Maroga

Space Body – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth (with images by Alessandra Griffin)

Where Does Dance Happen? – Article by Nicola van Straaten

choreographies of the soft palette (part i) – Poem by Kopano Maroga

Choreographing Space – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth

Home – Drawing by Cathy-Ann Potgieter



ABZ Volume 1, Issue 3

Theme: Rhythm

Description: Black & white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, blue cover

Printed: April 2016, Cape Town

Comment: Another winner/learner! We loved this issue, but looking back on it now the layout feels a bit messy, it’s rough – a zine made by beginner zine-makers. Maybe for this very reason the Rhythm Issue (as we fondly call it) holds a special place in our hearts. Layout design by Nicola van Straaten.


Music is the Brain. Rhythm is the Heart. – Interview with Sibusiso Nyamakazi and Baptiste Delaillèpe from Philippi Music Project by Nicola van Straaten

papa techno – Painting by Robin Brink

A New Rhythm? Flaminco Now (and Then) – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth

Taking Flight #1 – Drawing by Amy Simons

release rhythms: resistance rhythms – Article by Kopano Maroga

The Rising – Drawing by Amy Simons

Interview with Rudi Smit by Kopano Maroga

disarticulated skull / computer reconstruction – Collage by Nicola van Straaten

Crossing synaesthetic Borders: Reading the Rhythmic Score ATOM’s NOVA, A Curated Immersive Environment –  Article by Kai Mira

Two excerpts from: ‘Data.Mine Conflux’ exhibition catalogue presented by O Flux & ‘Weird Solidarities’ essay by Karen Gregory – Designed by Daniel Rautenbach

Something Lacking Meaning – Poem by Gila Efrat

cat humer collage – Collage by Nicola van Straaten

Rhythm is in the Gaps. A diminished contribution towards an African Musicology – Article by Larissa Johnson

Anybody 5, 10 & 40 – Code for video by Mohato Lekena

if i move quietly through space – Poem by Katara Sedai


ABZ Volume 1, Issue 4

Theme: Sex

Description: Black & white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, pink cover

Printed: May 2016, Cape Town

Comment: This sexy little issue was a tricky one to pull together. Content kept falling through and dead ends arrived. We thought we were behind on our deadline, but then we realized we controlled the deadline and it got easier. Needless to say, the Sex Issue is our best-seller.


Creativity and Sexuality – Article by Nicola van Straaten

Untitled – Photography by Dadawele Fihlani

Showering with a cast is really hard. – Text by Jeremy Bingham

Je crain pour toi les femmes / I fear for you and women – Article by Coila-Leah Enderstein

Run! The Multiplicity of Being a Woman – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth

#BodyPositiveNamibia – Text and photographs by JuliArt Hango

Interview with Gavin Krastin by Kopano Maroga

Me-eat-ology Interrupted – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth & Photographs by Alessandra Griffith

Untitled – Screenshots by Sbani Mnguni

Dance as a Space to Safely Explore Our Sense & Sexual Nature – A Personal Story – Article by Lynne MacIntyre

Untitled – Poem by Kopano Maroga

Visual Word Poem Thing – Collage by Nicola van Straaten

Adventures in hoe-ism: how to have multiple orgasms while getting fetishized in the mother(less) city – Article by Kopano Maroga


ABZ Volume 1, Issue 5

Theme: Colour

Description: Colour, A5 booklet, 20 pages, white cover

Printed: 2016, Cape Town

Comment: The Colour Issue was a first for us; our first zine printed in colour (so expensive!) and our first zine not printed with a Risograph (actually no, the very first edition of Issue 1 was printed on a quite normal printer at TopCopy in Claremont, with subsequent editions printed on Riso). But it resulted in a beautiful little object that holds some important and enlightening content, broaching a topic that is not an easy one. Always the most beautiful somehow, the Colour Issue is a little more expensive than the rest.


Untitled – Collage by Luc Fierens

This is what drowning feels like – Article by Patula Ballakistan

The sin in my blackness – Poem by Nkateko Masinga

Untitled – Image by Lena-Franziska Posch

Colour and Sound / Colour in Sound – Article by Coila-Leah Enderstein

bye fanon – Collage by Dudu Lamola

What Are You Looking At? – Photograph by Usisipho Gogela

The Kolour(ed) Issue – Article by LX Hendricks

Transcription of conversation with Jenna Bass about Love the One You Love by Nicola van Straaten

Traffic Lights & The Intersection – Article by Sukuma Sukummah

Main Road Mess – Photograph by Usisipho Gogela

Black Dance and the White Imaginary ­- Article by Kopano Maroga


ABZ Volume 1, Issue 6

Theme: Subject / Object

Description: Black and white, A5 booklet, 30 pages, white cover

Printed: 2016, Cape Town

Comment: The Space/Place issue sort of happened in crises mode – Nicola was in the process of leaving country, the roles were shifting and change was ahead. We published gradually online towards the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, but we were only able to print it with Volume 2 at the start of 2018. Looking back now, this issue which always felt a bit random and slippery to us is actually bursting with beautiful content!


an exploration of faliure – Article by Chantal Cherry

object – Drawing by Lena Posch

subject – Drawing by Lena Posch

An Unnecessary Complication of the Image: A Manifesto – Article by Lena Posch

Subject to Change – Poem by Sibusiso Masters

Portal – Article by Londiwe Gamedze

Split: Thoughts on a Choreographic Process – Article by Julia de Rosenwerth (with photo by Alessandra Griffin)

Untitled – Collage by Kai Mira

Lithium – Poem by Kris

Lady Aria Grey Explains Subjectivity – Script by Lady Aria Grey

TenerézzaGaze – Collage by Luc Fierens

Anne Likes Red – Article by Juliana Irene Smith

Email conversation between Kopano Maroga and Nicola van Straaten about Closet, an ongoing performance project.

Subjected to Become an Object – Article by Kwanele Finch Thusi

Ladder (gelled up DNA) – Image by Joshua Smith