the organisation


accessibility. accountability. radical compassion.

the organisation


accessibility. accountability. radical compassion.

ANY BODY ZINE is a non-profit cultural arts organisation that is invested in supporting embodied-arts practitioners. Click through to the various facets of our organisation below:

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what we do

ANY BODY ZINE (ABZ) seeks to support independent artists working in and around the body and thematics related to it across disciplines through the following ways:

  • Artistic platforms and performance initiatives
  • Skills development initiatives
  • Publishing and alternative archives including podcasts

ABZ takes a bilateral approach in supporting independent artists by providing skills development initiatives in the creative field and administrative field and then facilitating opportunities for artists to employ these skills through artistic platforms and initiatives. In this way ANY BODY endeavors to contribute to the cultivation of a dynamic and thriving independent creative community in South Africa and further afield.


  • Artistic platforms and performance initiatives

ABZ seeks to regularly host artistic platforms and performance initiatives where artists can showcase their work. These include but are not limited to publications, exhibitions and curated performance events. Find out more about our performance initiatives here.


  •  Skills development initiatives

ANY BODY seeks to regularly host initiatives that will assist independent artists in skills development, both creatively and administratively. These include creative skills workshops and administrative skills workshops. Find out about past projects here.


  • Publishing

ABZ works as a DIY publisher, publishing content both online and in the printed format. We are working towards creating a dynamic and alternative archive for the embodied arts community. To see our past publications click here and to check out our podcast, go here.


ANY BODY as an organization has accessibility, accountability and radical compassion at its heart. We strive to create platforms that are truly accessible to any body, particularly those who have been structurally excluded from dance, movement and artistic development spaces. Working within a deeply segregated and stratified society we understand that in this task we will not always be perfect. Perfection, however, is not the goal. The goal is to be continuously working toward a more just and accessible society. This is our commitment.

the team

Kopano Maroga

General Director, Artistic Director, Financial Manager, Performance/Live Events and Production Director.

Kopano Maroga is a Master of Arts student in Live Art, Interdisciplinary and Public Art through the Institute of Creative Arts at the University of Cape Town. Their interests lie at the intersection of art, social justice and healing knowledge systems. READ MORE ABOUT THEM HERE ►

Nicola van Straaten

General Director, Artistic Director, Publishing  and Production Director, Social Media Manager

Nicola van Straaten is an artist, researcher, writer and dancer. Her areas of research include but are not limited to the potential healing powers of collective dance, developing active decolonial thought and practices in daily life and using the body to navigate historical and generational trauma. READ MORE ABOUT HER HERE ►


Julia de Rosenwerth

General Director, Web Designer and Developer


Julia de Rosenwerth is a performing artist living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. She is also a web designer who specialises in websites for artists. Julia is most interested in improvised music and dance collaboration. READ MORE ABOUT HER HERE ►

the story of any body zine

Any Body Zine is the love-child of Julia de Rosenwerth, Kopano Maroga and Nicola van Straaten. We first met at the (then) School of Dance at the University of Cape Town but it was only in 2015, when we were performing for Underground Dance Theatre, that our relationship really started to grow. READ OUR WHOLE STORY HERE ►



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