by Luc Fierens


Nicola from ABZ: What are your thoughts and feelings about the collage? What made you want to create, what you intended to say with it, perhaps where you sourced the eyes? Who is the woman in the picture?

Luc: My work is intended to be discussed and multiple answers are possible. Most of my images are “found” “chosen” from an arsenal of images from old magazines from 60’s 70’s 80’s till now, found on the internet, newspapers…Here the the image of the woman  was covered with the letter’ A’ – sort of visual poem. [I felt it was] less strong, so I decided to put eyes instead. The eyes I found in fashion magazines; from well known models or people , some eyes without make-up. For me the piece  talks about voyeurism, [how a] woman’s body treated as object… il venere…That is just one of the views, I guess. 

About the artist: 

Since 1984 , Luc has been a collagist provocateur researching the relation between word & image. He makes connections and projects within independent networks: mail-art, visual poetry, etc. His artist’publications (Postfluxpost) and some of his works have been acquired by major archives (R.&M.Sackner Archive ,Miami , libraries (MoMa Library, Rare Books coll. University of Buffalo (USA) and museums : MaRt (Trento e Rovereto),Italy and various private collections (Collezione Palli, Prato (Italy) and Verbeke Foundation (Belgium).