Subject to Change

Dedicated to the Brave 

 By Sibusiso Masters

It’s not permanent

I’ll be back in three months

Let’s meet on Thursday?

Make it a maybe, baby

I think I might, at least, I’m pretty certain

But can we maybe make a rain check?

No need, I’ve got a rain slicker

I’m only up for the weekend, I’ve found a reason to stay

And she’s beautiful in every way

It’s unintended, but that’s how these things go, no?

Our life plans dovetail and I can really see things going far

No end to this horizon in sight

She’s changed her mind

fine feathers fray

She needs to explore, take flight

I think I’ll join her, I’m malleable

Like water flowing

I’ll take the path of least resistance

No matter how hard

Channel illusory spirits of the future

and the current slips away

I didn’t see what was going on

Maybe we can see each other again some time?

I’ll be back in a week

It wasn’t permanent, anyway

About the artist: 

Sibu Masters uses a variety of art forms to try understand the relationships between people and people, people and objects, and people and memory. Though not always successful, his Instagram is pretty cool and he’s always up for a chat should you slide on into his DMs.