Kim Windvogel

No, I’m not Brazillian
I did not grow up on the coast of South America or
play beach soccer in my teeny bikini
with the little kids from the next village

I am not Colombian
True, my hips don’t lie and my curls don’t go straight
But your Shakira comments are getting offensive

I am not foreign, and even if I were who are you to grab me in the street and call me your “senorita”?
I am not Jay Z
I don’t speak spanish too

I am Capetonian
Born and bred in the valleys of our majestic mountains
The richness of our diversity
And before the freedom to express information could be punishable by law.
I am one of the born frees, supposedly born free from the oppression of my mothers and free from the guilt of my fathers when they were the oppressors

I am a coloured, in my country that is not a racist slur 
It is something to be proud of

I carry the blood of the Sotho
The courage of the slaves
The audacity of the Germans
And the education of a modern woman of colour
I am made up out of so many genocides and heartache
Triumphs and failures

But they do not shape me
I do

I am Capetonian and your deep shock when I utter those words works on my *poes.

Capetonian enough for you?

By Kim Windvogel, aka Blazing Empress, a 25 year old feminist and womxn of colour from Cape Town, South Africa.