By Kris

Don’t be my friend –
Be an albatross; a keeper of lost souls
who endlessly sails with the mortal ship –
protect it from death!

And when Death comes,
black swampy clouds with
frogs and squids broiling
Fly albatross! For the ship will sink.

Or sink with the ship and
grow without my vivacity
Free from caged sanity and mortality
Then carriage death and fly with him. 

Find me on a dark ocean floor
alone, happy once more. 

About the poet: 

Kris a young South African, wondering into the joys of the writing world. He doesn’t love many people, but loves everyone’s thoughts. Kris hopes to publish more, make some money as well as publish a collection. He is also wanting to write a novel before June 2017. If anyone’s keen to chat, drop him a message on Tumblr at