invest in us


support independent artists through ANY DOLLA SCHEME

invest in us


support independent artists through ANY DOLLA SCHEME

What is it?

An attempt to develop regular income and capital so we can achieve certain goals, tasks and projects. If fifty people in our extended community gave R20 a month, we would have R1000 / month that could go towards bank fees, website development and hosting costs, online marketing, paying collaborators, printing costs and the costs incurred for registering as an NPO.

Small and regular amounts of money given to us by our community will in turn enable us to build an organisation that can sustainably and effectively develop and support a community of independent artists and body-based practitioners, who are not necessarily associated with or supported by an institution. This includes support like hosting workshops, residencies and opportunities for artists to practice, learn and network, as well as setting up a situation where an artist can perform and get paid, or run a workshop and get paid, or make a book and get paid.

Investing in ABZ can be seen as an opportunity to invest in your own creative practice, artistic career and surrounding community. By contributing the equivalent to a coffee or a beer to our cause, you will contribute hugely to the building of our organisation that can in turn contribute to the building of your creative pursuits. We would like for our contributors and supporters also to feel a sense of ownership of ABZ, where they can express what is needed or desired; where they can offer feedback and give input as to how we need to change or where we need to put our energy.

What are our plans? (ie. what are we going to do with the money?)


As mentioned above, this money would go towards our immediate financial needs such as:

  • Bank fees
  • Website hosting & development
  • Registering ABZ as an NPO with CIPC and the Department of Social Development[1]
  • Online social media marketing to grow our audience & our cause
  • Paying collaborators, contributors and the artists who we work with
  • Printing costs for publications


We have many dreams and schemes. Here are some projects that expand on what we are already doing. We want to keep doing that but on a larger scale and more sustainably. We apply for funding to actualize these projects, but if funding falls through community contributions could sustain the project on a smaller scale:

  • Publishing house

 Aside from publishing contributor’s writings and our own ‘internal’ publications (such as the Any Body Dance Lab publication) we want to grow towards a place where we can publish artists own works. An artist can approach us with an idea for a publication, and we try make it happen. The first ‘try-out’ or testing of this external publication will take place in the second half of 2019.

  • Podcast

After our market research conducted within in the framework of BASA, we realized the desire for a podcast or radio service where people can receive information aurally. In May we will launch our first podcast series to be released monthly. This will also work as a trial podcast to gauge the viability and success towards a more long-term and regular podcast or radio show. 

  • Workshops & events

In 2018 we started running workshops for the first time. Our areas of focus were diverse – from marketing and brand management for artists, to flamenco dance, to how to survive this white colonial patriarchy as a person of colour, to embodied dance practice and improvisation. We want to do more workshops, events, residencies and performances to create accessible spaces where knowledge can be created and shared effectively.

  • A home

It’s been a fantasy for us for a while, but ABZ is dreaming of a home or house that can work as a watering hole for independent artists to meet, speak and nourish themselves. A performance space, workshop space, learning space, reading space, eating space – a building of sorts is on our list and this dream may be closer than expected.

How does it work?

On our website, regular payments can be set up via PayPal or contributors can set-up a debit order with their bank and give via EFT. Donations can also be made once-off through PayPal, EFT or SnapScan. Contributors will also receive certain perks and benefits for investing in ABZ as listed below:


R20/month (thank you!)

R50/month (free entrance to all ABZ organized performances)

R100/month and above (free copies of all past and future ABZ in-house publications)

How are we working? What’s happening with us?

We (Julia, Kopano and Nicola) have been working together as ABZ for three years and the time has come for us to take things to the next level. We have re-structured how ABZ functions and our roles within. We also believe in full transparency and want to work that philosophy in to how we run the organisation. Before you consider become a regular supporter of ABZ, it’s important that you read our vision and mission on our website. Below you will find our updated roles moving forward as an organization:

Kopano: Creative Director, Financial and Operations Manager.

Nicola: Creative Director, Project & Publications Manager and Social Media Manager.

Julia: Website Designer and Developer

[1] We want to register and function as a non-profit organization, providing a social service in areas where the government cannot provide our service (that of developing and supporting independent artists). NPO status will also open more doors for funding and donors and allow us to function on a project-to-project basis.