if I move quietly through Space

if i move quietly through Space

I will not falter:

a determined empty padding across the floors

toward the most arbitrary goals keeps one moving

– to fill the birdfeeder

to sit, so that i may practise my scales

to work methodically, sorting that pile of old books headed for the charity store

a carefully executed flow, the slowPaused

dance of a mute around the house:

i have but one hour to surrender to

this State before meetings that require

glittering smiles and

an energy all spent outward

my bones are hollow, in truth;

air is damp through to my lungs,

i exist in half-time.

eyes lidded, i have the soul of Crone inside of me,

and the betraying youthful face of an Inexhaustible Exterior

– they cannot know that i am ash; a fraud

who only Dreams

so that she may End the heartAche


[ if i move quietly through Space ]

{ Katara Sedai, 11.01.2015 }