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Subject/Object Issue: December 2016
“Exploration of the body as part of the constructed cityscape” (2016)
Enes says: “I’ve learned to be comfortable in my own skin. As a male, a black gay male, it’s commonly acceptable for one’s body to be buff and muscular and I’m neither, but with comfortability I’ve never felt happier in my home made of skin!”
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Colour Issue: August 2016
What Are You Looking At? (I) (31 May 2016)
I took something physical and photographed it in such a way as to make it seem more conceptual/abstract. Some might see sand dunes, some mountains, a Joy Division album cover, sine waves, lasagne, or fabric of some sort. 
For more beautiful photos, check out Usisipho’s website!
Sex Issue: June 2016
Rhythm Issue: May 2016

“Papa Techno” (2012)

Robin Brink

Papa_Techno-Robin_BrinkThis image is based on the cover graphic of an unusual record called “Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Greatest Hits”. It amuses me to think of attributing ‘best hits’ to this notorious composer. His music can be quite jarring for the uninitiated. One aspect of his work I particularly appreciate is the unpredictable quality of his rhythmic gestures. It’s very meditative to surrender yourself to an intense musical experience where you can by no means predict what’s coming next. The epithet ”Papa Techno” brings to mind a conflict wherein Stockhausen’s pioneering work in electronic synthesis has impressed a huge influence on modern electronic music (consider dance music forms) thereby earning him the name – yet in fact he was actively opposed to repetitive rhythmic cycles in music as they brought to his mind memories of war (consider an army marching in unison). I recognise a similar conflict in my own experience and appreciation of repetitive and non-repetitive forms. 

This was painted in watercolour on a canvas made of an early MS-DOS programming textbook.

Space Issue: April 2016

By Alessandra Griffinheader


Beginnings Issue: March 2016

By Alessandra Griffin


 February 2016
Collage by Nicola van Straaten 
Issue 1 Collage #3