Falling (audio contribution)

Mmakgosi Kgabi

I met Nicola van Straaten as we began our studies together (they call it sommersemester in Germany 2017) for the MA in Solo Dance and Authorship as a homegirl from one of the many places „ I am from“.

Nicola told us about her zine and asked me if I would be interested to contribute to the Falling series… I had on my oldest most worn, most loved, most travelled-in shoes ever. Second-hand shoes, bought in Johannesburg, been to New York, to Berlin, to Zagreb, to Istanbul, to Marseille, to Gaborone and then some. I tasked myself to capture the sound of falling whilst walking through all this, and these mega, metro, cyber, social cities.

Mmakgosi Kgabi – Storyteller for days.