editorial: subject/object




this is the last issue of the year (!) and we are so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey

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‘subject/object’ has certainly been an interesting issue for us at any body zine

(being subjective humans in this world)

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on the subject…

we often find ourselves in existential conversations about what it means to be a person in this world, how it is we make sense of things and what ‘things’ really are. it seems pretty quintessential to being human that we are subjective; we experience things the way we do – differently from how someone else does.

these differing perspectives are formed thorough a constant negotiation between our inner and outer worlds that both form us and that we form. our upbringing our genes, our intuition; the way we interact with objects and structures and people in our lives and the way these structures impact our well-being; our fondest memories, our dreams, our partners and our modes of expression all have a role to play in the way we see the world – our unique view.

this is what makes life exciting, tenuous, oppressive, confusing, pleasurable, painful and well…life, right?

this conversation can go so many ways, as it has in this final issue of ABZ. we have chats about choreographic failure; the historic power of the camera and the relationships between the photographed, photographer and viewer; gender fluidity; voyeurism and the (dis)pleasure of being viewed; loss and transmutation though creation; choreographic isolation and the relationship between audience and creator; sex and the friction between autonomy and structural disempowerment

it’s packed!

we hope you enjoy while also sipping your chosen refreshment and contemplating your self-care regime for the next few months because 2016, you’ve been too real.

please share your thoughts with us at anybodyzine@gmail.com

all our love