editorial: sex


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to the sex issue

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sex can be anxiety-inducing – much like putting this issue together.

but despite the drama, discomfort and nervous apprehension it’s worth the happy ending


there is something about the primordial nature of sex that makes it a potent springboard for broader topics:

/ power / politics / performance / pleasure /gender / economy / capital /

sex is sitting in every one of these topics, smugly jerking off and laughing. 

sex is a conversation, a dialogue, a negotiation

[sometimes a shouting match]

it’s a dance, an intimate choreography

between ourselves and the world around us.

the question becomes:

how can we talk about sex,

write about sex and do sex in ways that are life-giving, self-affirming and joyous? 

is it possible to resist and reject what we’ve been taught (or not taught) about sex and our bodies?

contemporary society is constantly policing sex. our current socio-political environment tends to aggressively

steal the joy and the love from sex and sexuality. it is a culture that is obsessed with owning and ownership;

a society that has commodified and packaged sex to serve a consumer capitalist purpose.

we say fuck that.

your body is yours

your sex is yours

reclaim it with love

this issue is a collection of varied and various ways in which people are reclaiming their love and their sex.

we hope it gets you off


our next issue will be about COLOUR

(also a biggie)

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