editorial: rhythm


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we r so excited about this issue

(cuz rhythm)

while gathering the content for the rhythm issue, we spoke to dance practitioners, musicians, artists, scientists, poets, curators and various unsuspecting family members.
we discovered that everyone has something to say about rhythm

when you start unpacking and defining rhythm you inevitably start asking deep questions about time, narrative, flow and disruption.

that being said…

rhythm is also rather simple.

we make rhythms all the time and

we respond to rhythms that happen around us. 

the pace of our footsteps, the punch-line of our jokes,

cycling seasons and silly self-made poems.

in this issue you’ll be able to dip in and out of various thoughts and musings on the rhythms of flamenco, hip hop, movement meditation and protest.

poems, pictures, articles, interviews and of course – if you follow our links, you’ll find the other half of our zine in audio and video.

we’d also like to thank all of our contributors for their groovy and fantastic submissions.

our next issue is about

(dum dum dum)

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