editorial: colour


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the colour issue is one that we’ve been super excited about mixing together. we received a kaleidoscope of contributions, all of which were fucking splendid (so thank you all).

so much south african art embraces the vibrancy and richness of colour, which is something worth celebrating. in this issue you’ll notice many visual artists who are working with colour and this is something we wanted to showcase to its fullest. (so we had to print it in colour). that being said there’s so much more to colour than what the eye can appreciate.

thinking about, writing about, talking about and reading about colour in post-colonial, post-apartheid South Africa is quite… lit. 

particularly when operating from within the cape colony, where there are multiple lived experiences born from a history of violence and erasure. like the poetry collective, dark matter, once said:

“rainbows are just refracted white light”

this makes us think of the importance of multiple ways of seeing; rainbows don’t mean the same thing to all people. for some, rainbows are an allegory for a multiracial society. for others, rainbows are representative of expertly packaged post-1994 pipe dream. and for others, rainbows are a heavenly reminder that the divine guy in the sky won’t destroy us humans again. 

however your eye, your mind and your heart receives and perceives the multiplicities of colour and refracted, reflected light, we hope this issue provides some kind of palette from which you can construct your own rainbow. 

speaking of constructing, our next issue will be about subject / object

so write to us and the enjoy the issue!