( call for contributions )

Do you feel it too?

The sense of the world teetering over the edge?

Off a cliff, a ledge, a turbulent river, a meadow replete with weapons of mass destruction and the possibility of a new world order?

Over at ABZ we’ve been teetering over the edge of some significant, internal structural changes. Nicola is over the seas being a fantastic artcademic pursuing a Masters in Berlin, Kopano has barely spent a month in one region of this country  since January touring in Neil Coppen’s latest play, “Newfoundland”, and performing abroad in Brussels and Julia has been slaying doing, like, ten different jobs (what even?)

In the midst of all this the socio-political climate at home here in SA and abroad grows ever more volatile: increasing water shortages in Cape Town, forced removals in Johannesburg, a failed vote of no-confidence against President Zuma, the continuing political horror show that is the Trump administration, the intensification of the crisis in Venezuela and the list continues.

As the world teeters over the edge of late capitalism, we at ABZ hold that the lyrics of Van Halen have never rung truer:]

“Might as well JUMP!”





into the unknown,

over the banality of established norms,

through glass ceilings (whether internal or external),

into the arms of a lover and out of self-created limitations.

Send us your thoughts and feels via text, word, sound, video and any and all combinations of any mediums you desire about the cliff you are teetering over.

What are you jumping over?

How will you (we) reach the other side?

What elevates your body off the earth?

What makes you dare to try defying gravity?

Send submissions through to


send us pictorial submissions via Instagram

by tagging us at @anybodyzine and

using the hashtag #AnybodyAnywhereJumping

Deadline: 22 September

Should your submission be successful we will contact you via email within two weeks of the deadline. Please include a short bio in your submission with any social media handles you would like us to include alongside your piece. Please put your name, the name of the issue you will be submitting for and the title of your piece in the subject line of your email. eg. “Kopano – JUMPING – The Other Side”

 At ABZ we believe in paying creatives for their labour and are doing our best to make this a reality in the near future. As it stands we are unable to remunerate our contributors financially. However, a free printed copy of the issue of ABZ they submitted for is offered to each contributor as a token of our immense appreciation.

 All our love

The ABZ team