#BodyPositiveNamibia: Every BODY is beaUtiful

by JuliArt Hango

I am fists clenched so hard your nails cut your palm,

the cold and powerful waves of a sea storm.

And I am learning that’s okay.

I am not in your box.  I am not yours to define.  

 I am mine.

No longer will I hold my head low  at a passing glance. I refuse to hide in clothes too large to disguise my shape.


The #BodyPositiveNamibia movement was created from a frustration of being censored by society, social media and struggling to find spaces in Namibia where I can exhibit my art. After being deleted from a couple of social media platforms several times I decided to create a tumblr where I could share my art without the censorship of the Naked Body. #BodyPositiveNamibia is a podium I am using to speak up and create conversations on issues of gender based violence, misogny, sexism and ‘rape culture’ as well as our sexualities and pleasures by advocating for bodily integrity and autonomy of choice to celebrate and embrace our naked bodies. It explores the radical notion that our bodies are not sex symbols as well as serving as documentation of the ‘naked Namibian body’.

Who were we before we learned to hate ourselves?

JuliArt Hango is a Namibian artist and photographer. You can check out her website: juliarthango.wix.com/nudeart-photography

Or follow her on Facebook: Siknature Photography

Instagram: @juliart_photography / @bon_up_a_tree

Twitter: @juliART7

Or Tumblr: #BodyPositiveNamibia / juliartcult

//feature image credit:  Siknature Photography//