Vol.1 Issue 1: Beginnings


On Beginnings, Entrances & Contracts – Nicola van Straaten

violent bodies: the recurrent genesis – Kopano Maroga

How to make your dance – Julia de Rosenwerth

body talk: body party #2- Kopano Maroga

Vol.1 Issue 2: Space


Talking About Memories With You – Coila-Leah Enderstein & Nicola van Straaten 

too much remembering leads to forgetting – Kai Mira

land for people not profit! – Kopano Maroga

Space Body – Julia de Rosenwerth

Where does dance happen? – Nicola van Straaten

Choreographing Space – Julia de Rosenwerth

Untitled – Sibusiso Masters

Vol. 1 Issue 3: Rhythm


Music is the Brain, Rhythm is the Heart – Philippie Music Project & Nicola van Straaten

A new rhythm: Flamenco (now and then) – Julia de Rosenwerth

release rhythms, resistance rhythms – Kopano Maroga

Artist Spotlight: Rudi Smit

Crossing Synaesthetic Borders  – Kai Mira

Rhythm is in the Gaps – Larissa Johnson

if i move quietly through space – Katara Sedai

Something Lacking Meaning – Gila Efrat

Rhythm Study – Coila-Leah Enderstein & Nicola van Straaten

AnyBody 5,10 & 40 – Mohato Lenkena

Singularity in the Matrix – Daniel Rautenbach

Vol. 1 Issue 4: Sex


Creativity and Sexuality – Nicola van Straaten

I Fear for You and Your Women – Coila-Leah Enderstein

Run! The Multiplicity of Being a Woman – Julia de Rosenwerth

Artist Spotlight: Gavin Krastin

adventures in hoe-ism

Dance as a Space to Safely Explore Our Sensual and Sexual Nature – Lynne Macintyre

#BodyPositiveNamibia – JuliArt Hango

Me-Eat-Ology Interrupted. – Adriana Jamisse & Julia de Rosenwerth

Showering with a cast is really hard. – Jem B

Voice through the telephone – Kopano Maroga

Vol. 1 Issue 5: Color


This is what drowning feels like – Patula Ballakistan

Colour and Sound/ Colour in Sound – Coila-Leah Enderstein


Artist Spotlight: Love the One you Love – Jenna Bass & Nicola van Straaten

black dance and the white imaginary – Kopano Maroga

The sin is in my Blackness – Nkateko Masinga

Stereotype – Kim Windvogel

Paper Dolls – Gila Efrat

Vol 1 Issue 6: Subject/Object


An Exploration of Faliure – Chantal Cherry

SPLIT: Thoughts on a choreographic work in progress – Julia de Rosenwerth

An Unnecessary Complication – Lena-Franziska Posch

Closet – Kopano Maroga & Nicola van Straaten

Subjected to become an Object – Kwanele Finch Thusi

Portal – Londiwe Gamedze

Ann Likes Red – Juliana Irene Smith

Subject to Change – Sibusiso Masters

Lithium – Kris

Suitcase Full of Sparks – Kai Mira

Lady Aria Grey Explains: Subjectivity

Tenerezza – Luc Fierens