Vol.1 Issue 1: Beginnings


On Beginnings, Entrances & Contracts

violent bodies: the recurrent genesis

How to make your dance

body talk: body party #2

Vol.1 Issue 2: Space


Talking About Memories With You

too much remembering leads to forgetting

land for people not profit!

Space Body

Where does dance happen?

Choreographing Space

Untitled: Sibu Masters

Vol. 1 Issue 3: Rhythm


Music is the Brain, Rhythm is the Heart

A new rhythm: Flamenco (now and then)

release rhythms, resistance rhythms

Artist Spotlight: Rudi Smit

Crossing Synaesthetic Borders 

Rhythm is in the Gaps

if i move quietly through space

Something Lacking Meaning

Rhythm Study

AnyBody 5,10 & 40

Singularity in the Matrix

Vol. 1 Issue 4: Sex


Creativity and Sexuality

I Fear for You and Your Women

Run! The Multiplicity of Being a Woman

Artist Spotlight: Gavin Krastin

adventures in hoe-ism

Dance as a Space to Safely Explore Our Sensual and Sexual Nature


Me-Eat-Ology Interrupted.

Showering with a cast is really hard.

Voice through the telephone