ANY BODY ZINE is a collaborative project created by Nicola van Straaten, Kopano Maroga and Julia de Rosenwerth. It began through our hopes to see more engaging and inclusive dialogue with topics relating to bodies, dance, movement, choreography and all their related applications.

The content exists online all the time! If you want to get your hands on a printed copy or if you have any questions about subscriptions, email us at anybodyzine@gmail.com

In the order of photos:

Julia de Rosenwerth is a dancer, choreographer, movement teacher and web designer. She has degree with distinction in Dance Research with majors in Choreography and Philosophy. She is also the co-creator of ANY BODY ZINE. Julia has most recently produced a full-length production alongside Adriana Jamisse at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective and completed an Artistic Residency with the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, Mpumalanga. She has presented work at the Baxter Theatre Centre, Confluences Dance Conference, the UCT School of Dance and Youngblood Arts and Culture Development Gallery and will soon present new work as part of the NEW DANCE LAB held by Tahlia Laric and Kristina Johnson. Julia has performed in works by Adriana Jamisse, Nicola Elliott, Alan Parker, Underground Dance Theatre, Nicola van Straaten and Kopan Maroga. Her interests lie in the realm of choreography, concept, body-knowledge, somatic movement practices and dance-writing. She is also passionate about Flamenco.

Kopano Marogoa is a black, queer dance-artist, writer and would-be white capitalist patriarchy insurrectionist. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Social Science in Dance and Anthropology. His work includes writing about dance and the black, queer body as a site of militant resistant to dominating and normative structures of whiteness and hetero-normativity. He facilitates conversation around gender, sexuality and sex with high-school aged folks with the Gender and Sex Project. He believes in the power of love as a weapon of mass construction. His interests include liberation, anime and finding the right words?

Nicola van Straaten is a dancer, artist, researcher and writer. Her areas of interest include interdisciplinary explorations of movement, sound, improvisation and many many other things. Focusing on the the archival practice of documenting process through film and text, she is also interested researching alternate ways to study and curate movement and performance. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BMus (Hons) Degree in Dance Studies in 2012. For the past five years she has lived and worked in France, Namibia and South Africa pursuing collaborations and projects within and around her immediate community. She is currently studying a Masters in Solo / Dance / Authorship at the HZT, Universität der Künste Berlin.



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