ANY BODY DANCE LAB (ABDL) was a 6-week residency for artists based in and around Cape Town. Hosted by New Dance Lab, ANY BODY ZINE and the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, it was in collaboration with the Goethe Institute as part of the Goethe-Space Project. The residency ran over 6 consecutive weekends (16 March -22 April 2018).

ABDL focussed on creating spaces for independent artists engaging with movement research and performance looking to cultivate and extend their personal performance practice. The programme consisted of a series of workshops in improvisation, somatic movement, composition and writing, as well as a facilitated space for developing performance practice.

Workshops culminated in in-house and public performances, and a publication initiated through the writing workshops. The project facilitators will included: Kristina Johnstone, (New Dance Lab), Thalia Laric (New Dance Lab), Kopano Maroga (Any Body Zine), Nicola van Straaten (Any Body Zine) Julia de Rosenwerth (Any Body Zine), Lucia Walker, Jori Snell, Tossie van Tonder and Tetsuro Fukuhara.