editorial: jumping


is not just a verb reserved for dancers, athletes and those small little spiders you find in the kitchen that leap up threateningly, even when your mom assures you they’re harmless.



is a verb that has morphed and changed with time

and has found its way to be one of the four verbs we’ve chosen to focus on this year.

(for a quick and interesting read, stalk this verb on etymonline.com)


why this verb?

perhaps it is the energy required? the momentary defiance of gravity?

perhaps it reminds us of childhood; of our younger, springy bodies that thought nothing of leaping endlessly on, into, out of, on top of and beyond any obstacles or challenges we may have come across?

or perhaps we are all plagued by the secret desire to actually fly; the jump offering a brief glimpse at what this would feel like?


wikipedia differentiates this verb from other ‘gaits’ because when jumping,

the entire body is temporarily airborne

wiki also explains the physics that comprises this verb

: “all jumping involves the application of force against the substrate” :

in a world full of multiple metaphorical substrates,

one requires a special application of force to leap up with.

to remove oneself from the substrate and separate, even if momentarily, from the thing that holds us down.

in  this issue we see a vast and varied array of articles, transcriptions, musings, images and writings from different individuals who are testing their own application of force. Folks who have challenged their own specific substrate, applied their creative energy and hurled themselves into a creative expression of existence.

an existence of being and of having their own body elevated into a sphere of their own creating.

we hope you enjoy the issue!

lots of love

the ABZ team


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