Floor Exercise

Mariana Nobre Vieira


Down, down, down. Down. There, down. There. Down? Maybe down, yeah, but it depends. Depends. Deep End. Where you end up, where you fall to, fall through. Faulty. Faults. It has faults. Little cracks and holes and secrets hidden in the cracks and in the holes. Falling falling down falling through. The cracks the holes. Crackling it crackles cackles laughs at you when you fall, fall, fall, crack. You could fall through but it doesn’t ́t let you. Doesn’t ́t let you through no matter what you do it won’t ́t let you fall, not through. It holds you and catches you with its holes and the cracks and cracksssssaaaassssscrackssssssss. It ́s faulty yes it is faulty, uneven, splintered, used, abused, it ́s held so much, it holds so much. Holds on. Held. By whom? Who holds the held holding floor? The ceiling holds the held holding floor and the floor (secretly) wants to fall through the ceiling but the ceiling doesn’t ́t let the floor fall through either. They have these conversations day and night, one wanting to go up and the other down. They have become old friends. The floor complains to the ceiling that it ́s been used and abused, all these people and animals and objects and furniture rely on it so much. It can ́t let them down, fall, fall through, to the ceiling. It holds so much and all it wants to do is to (secretly) fall through itself, fall to the ceiling, know what it is like on the other side, to see things from up there where the ceiling is. Yet it holds onto its cracks and faults, to you and to me when we fall and crash and dance and throw ourselves unto the floor in tears of pain, tears of loss, tears of laughter and joy, tears of a broken ankle, a fucked up pinky toe that hit the sofa by accident and threw you down to the floor, the floor you want to fall into, fall through, fall to the ceiling and the other floor and the next ceiling and the next floor until the pain is gone, the fall is over but no it ́s not because there is always more pain and laughter and joy and because then you ́d fall through to the center of the earth and you ́d keep falling and ending up in the other side of the earth and then, then…then what?

Mariana Nobre Vieira was once an economist and is now a student in the Solo Dance Authorship Master program at HZT Berlin. At the moment she is haunted and bewildered by a neon sign flickering somewhere in the back of her head where “What is Art? Baby don´t hurt me” can be read. She is also a member of the super-multi-disciplinary Lisbon based artistic collective Rabbit Hole. Rabbit Hole has since 2011 been busy with organizing performative actions incepted into the Lisbon nightlife scene, disrupting low and high brow distinctions through their parties, artistic platforms, installations, theatre pieces, articles, videos (…). 

Photograph: Nicola van Straaten


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