editorial: falling


Vol. 2 / Issue 2








what can we say about ‘falling’? so much, so much, it’s happening constantly,

everywhere we look, there is a dialogue with gravity –

a moment, an object, a sentence, a statue, a person

suspended mid-air, neither landed nor recovered (yet)

every night you do it, sink lower into sleep and

every step you mention it, a neat mini-stumble from where you just were.

some optimists would say that the fall is the precursor to the rise

(in the same way that some desperates would say that dance is the precursor to sex)

like most things, falling can be dissected

1 – the letting go or separation from stability

2 – the suspended moment where one is neither up nor down but somewhere in the middle

3 – the landing or meeting of a surface (the breaking of the fall)

in every moment, there is potential for analysis, imagining, reflection

maybe just a bruise.

what remains apparent, nestled in this collapsing verb,

is potential.

the potential

to rise,

to stay


to view things from a different ǝlƃuɐ

the potential for pain / the potential for healing

the potential

to endlessly

write the


and then to simply stop.


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