We will be performing at Darkroom Contemporary’s UNFINISHED VOL.3! Details below.


“A platform to share and connect people through dance and music, UNFINISHED brings together Cape Town’s independent dance companies and a selection of classical and experimental musicians. This Darkroom Contemporary initiative invites dance makers to create short works outside of their comfort zones, in a short space of time, and using a small space to perform them in, while the musical input acts as the catalyst and driving force behind the performance.

UNFINISHED Vol. 3 finds a new home at Youngblood Arts & Culture Development, with an exciting line up of musicians and dance – makers. Volume 3 features music by neoclassical vocalist MATININO with dance-makers ANY BODY ZINE, SOMA_MOVEMENT and MAMELA NYAMZA.

Following on the success and popularity of the first two volumes at Gallery MOMO during 2016, UNFINISHED brings you a completely unique take on the concept of
1 band. 2 square meters. 3 dance makers.
endless possibilities…

DATE: Thursday 30 March
TIME: 20h00
BOOKINGS: info@youngblood-africa.com
021 424 0074

Dancers and musicians never meet before the performance – everything comes together on the night. Expect the unexpected.”


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