editorial: space

“space | place”



! we did it again !

*high-fiving a thousand angels*


 so here we are.

here you are.

here is this zine

occupying this space

in your hands, on your screen, in front of your eyes.


Whilst writing this editorial, we had a long discussion about the various exciting and bewildering philosophies behind the concepts of space and place. Kopano even had to pour himself another glass of wine! Julia pointed out that Laban pointed out that space acts on the body before it starts moving. But what does that even fucking mean?

We thought maybe place is a physical location.

And space is an area between two things.

We thought maybe space is the framework that our ]bodies[ exist in.

We are constructing and reconstructing this framework all the time.

We thought that maybe to have a body is to negotiate the space between places.

Being a human in the world requires us to negotiate mental, conceptual, [unphysical] spaces with our physical body in very real and immediate places.

at the end of the day

wherever you’re moving

wherever you’re dancing

wherever you take your body

it has to be somewhere

 this issue is interested in that somewhere

\\\\\ /////

so ja

also – our next issue is coming up. it is going to be about rhythm.

so write your thing, make your thing, do your thing

and send it to us!


(image credit: Sebastian Borckenhagen for the beautiful logo)


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