editorial: beginnings


issue 1



abodyzine logo-3


We started this small publication/project/zine to encourage more dialogue and writing about dance/bodies/movement in our country.

There is a lot of amazing stuff happening in dance in South Africa.

But there is not a lot of documentation/writing/thoughtful engagement with how South African bodies are moving today…

\ we would like this to start changing /

Our hope for this zine is that it becomes an entity and an idea that creates more conversation around dance. Dance is more than ballet, sore feet, good posture, skinny bitches and dramatic falls to floor. Dance can look like a statue, an explosion of limbs, a walk in the park or a simple head bop to a groovy tune.

Dance is what you make it.

What are we going to make it?

This involves you.

We really want this to become a collaborative space.

We don’t know everything about dance and there will be areas that we are unaware of. Help us change this and send us your story, your writings, your thoughts, your pictures… send us anything, even if it’s just a thought.

Everybody has a body and each body moves differently.

How do you move?

Let us know at: anybodyzine@gmail.com


\\\\\\\\ any body zine ////////


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